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Malay Translation Service

We welcome you to our site and undertake to provide you with the best service for Malay/English and English/Malay translation


Our Company

We are a small private business which has been formed with the objective in mind to facilitate the progress of individuals, public and organisations in translation work to raise the standards of English and Malay in the fields of Social life and Commerce and with the help and cooperation of publishers aim to make this a success. Such work may take away the menial duty of employing staff for this purpose thereby maximising profits.

Our Business Philosophy
Here we undertake to provide the best possible service to individuals, public and companies who wish to translate articles from English to Malay and Malay to English and at the most affordable and competitive price to raise the standards of Malay everywhere.

Malay is the 4th largest language in the world spoken and written in South East Asia and although is secondary to English in Commerce but the role it plays in Global Communications is becoming more and more developed.

Background info

Background information

Contact details in Asia:
Name: Lindsay Macdonald @ Mohd. Fauzi Abdullah
E-mail address

English - Malay.
Malay - English.

Islamic literature.
Media scripts.
Commercial correspondence.
Additional details:

Educated in UK and Singapore with English as my mother tongue.
Lived in Malaysia 20 years.
Fluent in spoken and written Malay and Jawi script.
Currently a web site translator with Malay Chamber of Commerce, Johor, Malaysia

Mohd. Fauzi Abdullah @ Lindsay Macdonald is a Muslim convert with over 20 years in Malaysia, married to a Malaysian.  He was a former Welfare Officer with the PERKIM Muslim Welfare Organisation of Malaysia for 15 years before serving with the Malay Chamber Of Commerce as a web site translator for 2 years and currently with SSU Management Services, Kuala Lumpur translating school text books for International School branches in Australia,Saudi Arabia and China