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Malay Translation Service
Services Catalogue Page

On this page we'll present a comprehensive list of our services.

If necessary, we'll include links on this page to other pages that describe one of our products in more detail. We might use a format similar to this one for our catalog page:

Our Services

1. Web site design and text This may include web design, translation, updating and

RM400/- Rates are based upon 1,000 words unless otherwise stated

2. Web site translations :
This only applies to web page text

3. Publications
i) Books, & Magazines - RM70/-
ii)Articles - RM50/-
iii) Profiles - RM30/-

4. Text references - RM50/-

5. Other documents - RM40/-

6. Personal correspondence - RM30/-

For credit transactions - a deposit of 50% of the cost is required. These rates do not include publication/printing charges. These rates are subject to negotiations.

How to Order

Please post your orders by filling out the form at the bottom of the page and we shall follow up with an quotation

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